#PrayForOurWorld #PrayForHumanity

As I try to shield my daughter’s innocent eyes from what’s occurring in Paris, I realize that I can’t. It’s not just in Paris, it’s not just in Beruit, not just in Baghdad, not just in Syria, not just in Mexico, not just in one place. It’s everywhere. As I took my daughter, niece & nephew to a jungle gym at the Palisades mall yesterday, I immediately thought of leaving. Once we entered the parking lot it was packed. The underground parking lot, outside parking lot, back parking lot, all around, everywhere. Not a single parking spot to be found. I told my husband that it if the outside was very packed outside, that inside was going to be worse. That we should just go to another jungle gym about 15 minutes on the way back home instead. As soon as I said that, a parking space opened up right in front of us, he said “Look Amor, we got a parking spot now, it’s a big mall, it won’t be packed.” As we walked into the mall entrance doors, we got to BillyBeez and I immediately wanted to walk out once I saw what seemed to be a never-ending line. My thoughts: Too many people in one small cornered location and too far from the mall exit doors. Too many people to keep eyes on. Not a clear view of all surrounding adults without an obstacle obstructing it. My mind fills with keeping my kids out of harm. My husband helps keep me grounded. He reminds me to not let those worries consume me whole. But it’s hard not to… My mothers fears 20 yrs ago are not my fears. My mother’s fears were those of losing me in a crowded place. My fear is losing my children as well, but to a random massacre shooting, from anyone… A Caucasian, Chinese, Mexican, MiddleEastern, Black, Blue, Pink, Rainbow, Robber, A disgruntled ex-employee of the establishment where I’m currently at- anyone with the intent to harm. The thought of not being able to turn myself into a human bulletproof shield and wrap myself around all the innocents & disarm the attackers and take them to justice. That is what kills me, slowly, piece by piece, losing my faith in humanity… Not being able to fully enjoy myself at a jungle gym with my daughter, niece and nephew… Even though their innocent eyes don’t see my fear.. I always remember to not lose my smile. They are the ones who give me hope in humanity, piece by piece of faith that I previously lost, they help me regain 10 times stronger, as they look at me with their big loving eyes. I always try to the best of my abilities to give all the children that come into my life, a chance at the childhood I had. I know that if I build them up with a good heart & good intentions, once they are older they will have the basis they need to help others and I try our hardest to eliminate evil, from our beautiful world. They’re my hope for a tomorrow with no hate, no anger, no discrimination, no poverty, no inequality, no hunger…. no evil. Therefore, this is the reason why I #PrayForOurWorld & #PrayForOurHumanity. 💙


-the quality or state of being human

-the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals

-all people


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