lovely day in may
May… May… May you be my valentine?

I remember when I took this picture of Mia.. Sunny beautiful Saturday in May 2013. She was shy at first, she didn’t even want to look up thinking I was going to snap a picture of her without her knowledge. After I told her we were taking pictures to put them on her 3rd birthday card invitation, her eyes lit up! She was wearing the most gorgeous smile, which extended from ear to ear. In between shots, she would tell me what kind cake she wanted for her party (of course, Bubble Guppies theme), who she wanted to invite (of course, Braxton, her ‘womb buddy’ see previous post), what foods she wanted, asking me if I was going to bring the inflatable water-slides and bounce houses; which of course, … mommy did! *MOMMYAWARDOFTHEYEAR*

Anyways… here I go ranting off again. My point of this post was to share the memory behind the photo. Go through your albums, look at the picture. Remember the behind-the-scenes silly moments, the memories of that day… just to take a free moment out of our hectic days to reminisce. It is a lovely path to travel down, unwind and remember theittybittythings that mean everything… XO143

For I have loved you one thousand years… and I will for a thousand more.

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